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The craziest situation you'll ever read, need help!!

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Hey everyone, this post is a long time coming, i need some serious advice.. ok here goes....


i was 17 and met the guy of my dreams, not to sound supperficial or anything but he was rich, EXTREMELY rich, sooo cute, and hilarious. i was in love!!! we were together for a year and then we broke up for about amonth or so.. this is when things started to change.. we got back together but it was never the same, he cheated a lot. and in the back of my mind i knew it, but never wanted to admit it to myself. i got pregnant and had an abortion the most horrible time of my life, he was such a jerk at time throught that as well. unexplainable... but we were on and off for about three years. until one night i went to his house after a little drinking, and he happened to have another girl there.. (this is a real situation, not a show from springer ) he ended up calling the police and having me arrested for tresspassing AND got a restraining order against me.. NOW, keep in mind that he broke into my apartment a few months earlier and i filed charges but never followed through, he calls me like 80 times in and hour. now as red neck as this situation sounds its really not, i am a college student and so is he.. completely normal americans.. now since then me being the drunk idiot that i am sometimes, called him once (with the restraining order intact).. now lets just analyze this situation, he answers the phone, immediately realized its me.. he did not hang up, the way i see it is, if he really didnt want me calling he would have hung up. instead the first words out of his mouth were "im engaged".. which i later found out through a mutual friend is completely untrue. he liked to egg me on, is what it seemed like, i also see him out at bars sometimes, catch him staring weird stuff.. to make a long story short, our parents had a meeting to try and come to a conclusion that was not reached, and his father and him are sueing me and my mom $500,000 for GET THIS.. slander, libel, assault and battery etc.. stupid things.. now you people have no idea who i am, and i want honest responces to this post thereforeeee i have no reason to hide the truth.. trust me i never even smacked him in the 3 years we were together and i have no idea what this assault thing is about. i just cant figure it out, it almost seems like he just cant let it go.. I do hear he has a new girlfriend..and ill tell you one thing if my boyfriend was in the process of suing and X, i would tell him to get his problems straightened out b4 we started to date. i just cant see the logic in this situation, why no just let it go. hes obviously not doing it for the money, hes loaded!! i just dont get it. but what makes it even crazier is i still love him. dont get me wrong i would NEVER EVER EVER get back with him again.. but this piece of me still loves him.. i just cant believe all of this happened.. he was my first love, first relationship and everyone says ohh ohh your so young, im (21). and that youll have so many more guys.. and yeah i meet lots and lots of guys, but none of them measure up to him. and i dont know if its because of all the things he has (i mean that kids got a hummer, movie theatre in his house, cribs style all the way) and hes soooo funny, and attractive.. i just dont know what to do with myself.. but anyways im not sure when we go to court for this lawsuit bull, we may countersue my attorney hasnt decided yet. he literally laughed when he saw the lawsuit though, if you have any insight into this situation PLEASE reply.. i need all the advice i cant get..

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Only in america (I feel a warning coming on )



Why does no1 measure upto him? U think he's a jerk but u say no1 measures upto him and im guessing from what u say its because they basically are not as rich as him. Thats very shallow. Would u like it if anyone with u left u because although u were great, u weren't as rich as their last gf?

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like i said, i KNOW how shallow it is.. keep in mind i was 17 years old at the time, and the only thing i thought about was "wow ill show my friends what an awesome guy i cant get" but then after 2 years i really loved that kid.. trust me, i know its shallow.. but im not shallow. my real problem is him, why cant he let it go and let us both move on if thats what he wants to bad.. i let into the story a little more.. im a reporter on television where i live, and everyone i meet who recognizes me says "oh yaaa i know your ex B****, he told me about you" he needs everyone to know that he dated the "girl on tv" and its just annoying.. if things are over, let them be, ya know?

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"but im not shallow. my real problem is him, why cant he let it go and let us both move....."


But u are being shallow by judging people agains't his money 99% of guys probably won't be able to compete against his wealth. And its "you" who can't seem to let him go as "you" seem to believe that no1 can measure upto him, when I bet there are many guys out there who are just as good if not better than a "jerk" but simply don't have the same wealth.


I have never think of money when I try to date a woman. Yes, it would be a bonus, but it really doesnt mean much at all. If u think some is good looking and has a great personality, then whats the problem?

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Well if anything I can offer you legal advice. From your side of events, it seems that he will only be able to obtain nominal damages, if he suceeds at all. There's nothing to worry from the lawsuit at all, in fact, you can probably countersue and grab a bit off him as well. But that's for the UK jurisdiction. I'm not sure what it's like for US.


I symphatise with you completely. Rich jerks like the one you described should be condemned in hell. I hope you kick his arse in court. All the best!

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excellent question, i have no frigen idea.. its funny because when you get sued. you are served at your house and everything, and attatched to the original letter should be a detailed list of all the things you are being charged for. you and your attorney have the right to see exactly why and what you are charged with.. that sheet was missing when me and my mom were served. weird huh? to actully win for libel and slander i would have had to have caused him "significant emotional damage" which i can tell you sure as hell did not happen.. your guess is as good as mine.

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