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What should I do???

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Heres my situation... I meet a girl at the college pub..... I got her number... and I called her up a couple days later. After playing telephone tag for a couple weeks, she calls me up and invites me to aparty with her.... Well, we both got really drunk and I ended up staying at her place (she lives in res). Without getting into the nitty gritties... it was a good night (no sex). (Oh, she had a bf when this all happened, but she broke up with him because of me, which I am not confortable with at all, but what can you do) For about a month we would do stuff together. I took her out a date and it was a lot of fun. Well, now its gets complicated. Since then (about a month now) we have started to have sex... Shes sent me a couple of emails, explaning that she doesn't really want a relationship... but then she really likes me a lot and does want a relationship.... Its confusing me, and I have told her. There is more to the story than that, but yeah.... I really do like her and I would love to be in a relationship with her, but on the other hand she is the first girl since my ex broke up with me 5 months ago (it was a very serious relationship...). So any advice on what route I should go? on one hand I like what I got, but I am a relationship type of guy... but then I don't want to push her away because I do have a lot of fun with her!?!? HELP?!?!?!?


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Well you are in a sticky situation, for one she just got out of her relationship, and you were the main reason. She's probably a bit confused right now, since she cut off her feelings for one person, and immediately jumped into a relationship with another. She may just want things to go really slow, and doesn't really know how to tell you this without making you feel rejected. My advice would be to sit down and talk to her. Ask her about things that she wants/expects from her life, and for herself. Tell her your side too. But don't push for the relationship right now because it just may not be the time. I'm sure you feel it is, you both have fun, and have a great time together, but she may not be at that level you are at, and she needs time to get there. Just be there for her, and let her know that you will be there and that you will respect her decision, whatever it is.

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No, she didn't just get out a relationship. I think that she currently has a girlfriend and may be scared of losing her gf as a resource. I also called this woman about 2 months ago at home and it was almost 10 PM. I caught her off guard and we talked for about 25 min. I really felt like someone was there because she was acting weirdly.



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There's this little secret that many woman have been learning lately, But I will put it in guy terms: She's Just Not That Into You! Please, please, please, Save yourself the time, energy, money, and feelings and move on. She's not good enough for you! Go find a girl who will love to be in a relationship with you and give you the time and attention that you deserve! (She's out there waiting!) Good Luck!

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