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Cutting, Crying, Bleeding

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do NOT be afraid of what your surgeon will think! doctors are required to keep 100% patient confidentiality, and they only have your best interest in mind. and you are not alone in your cutting behavior, there are many other people who do the same- with that said, your doctor is an educated person who will not make judgements and who has probably seen this sort of thing before.


i would suggest reading posts on this website- there are plenty of people online with similar issues and you could probably get some inspiration from what they have to say. and do not be afraid to see a counselor. again, counselors keep things 100% confidential. is there someone at your school you can go see? i think that would help you alot

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it is not appropriate that your counseler is telling your parents everything. i think ive heard that the only time a counseler is allowed to break the confidentiality rule is when you are talking about suicide or hurting other people, i am not sure though. is there possibly another counselor at your school or is this person the only one

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i thought the doctor confidentiality depended on age, if your underage (


but about seeking help, you should ask your councelor (or whoever you approach), to keep it confidential, and tell them that they must, if they disagree and say that they might report what you say to your parents, or cant promise confidentiality, then be careful what you tell them

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