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Love from a different prespective .......

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Love ..... no one has ever really tried to explain it , we've heard love songs , read love stories , movies etc , etc . Well either i'm insane or i'm just that kind of person who can't accept things the way they are , i have never been an expert on relationships neither i had a relationship go on more than 6 months .... what can i say i'm only human so I can't really explain Love , also i can't judge with my past experiences simply because i'll end up trying to justify to myself what happened and try to blame "Love" ..... So could love be a conspiracy theory , for an example you are sitting during a boring class , trying to fill up the time till it ends

you would do anything to fill it up by searching arround you so could it be the same ?....


I once thought about the end of days and how things are meant to happen in a specific time , for example the human race if it's meant to end it will end but what if all humans wanted that kind of control and what i mean is trying to end humanity by stopping giving birth to new offspring .


Ok i sound insane now , i just really wish humans actually controlled their destiny .


I think Love is a distraction but from what that's what i'm trying to find out , it's that feeling that you want to be around someone is what i have to conquer , i want that individual self to prevail yet try to know what i'm searching for ...... I wish us all good luck .

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Philosophers have been trying to explain love since time immemorial.


The perspective that love is a distraction from something more important is hardly new. It's been held by cynics since...well, probably since philosophers have been trying to explain love. It's a variation on the "love is a chemical reaction, not a mystic event" theme, neither novel nor thought-provoking as it's become a cliche in itself.


I usually don't put too much thought into these types of questions, but couldn't birth control be considered a decision to "end humanity", if you will (or at least their lineage)? Even if everyone on the planet voted that yeah, this generation is the last, there would be cheaters. There are always cheaters.


But I definitely hear what you're saying about conquering the desire to be with someone. For the last week or so, I've wanted a guy. Any guy. Guys at work, guys on the bus, guys I know are married, guys I pass on the street...that kind of baloney has to stop. It's a total waste of my mental energy, especially when I know no relationships will be coming my way for a number of years, if ever.


Good luck on your search. But don't you think life would be boring if we all controlled our destinies (content, but boring)?

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