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this is 4 all the guyz!!

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Hi i am confused, this is 4 all the guyz out there plz inform me what do u guyz really want. because every where i look it seems as if all the guyz are playing their gurlfriendz and i juss wanna know what guyz really want in general, in looks, personalities and relationship i would really like to know so all u guyz out there plz help me!!


with love: confused_angel

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i look forward into a long relationship with my girlfriends, but il tell you one thing this is from my heart, guys like it when your tease then in a way that is not oviouse, guys lie it when girls where thongs so mainly looks is a big thing, and there are other guys that will just date your for your know what, but that they dump you for a dumb reason, if i was a girl i would never let a guy do that to me i would tell the difference between a guy that would like me and a guy that just wants some, well i diddnt have that much to say, good luck

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