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Please Help!! I Dont Know What To Do About My Friend?

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Hi. I reallly need your help. Okay here it goes.


I have a friend that really likes this guy. The catch is that he used to like her and then when he stopped is when she started liking him. Now she talks to him some times online because he lives in another town. She isnt willing to come out and tell him that she likes him and she sometimes acts all depressed and everything about this.


Oh, i should mention she is a person that needs all of the attention and when she feels bad everyone has to know about it. She also always feels worse and hurts more than you do all of the time.


Well when she gets into her depressed moods she wont talk and most of the time her depression wears off on me. I guess i am asking what should i do? I have tried everything i even emailed this guy and told him what was up and this is why he talks her online. I am just sick of feeling like this and sick of how she is acting. So please help me out what am i supposed to do?


I also have one other thing to ask about. I have these what i would call depression days. Some are because of her and others not. Some days i feel great and others i feel as though if i wasnt around no one would miss me. I am just wondering if anyone else has this or if anyone has any ideas on how i can could just be happy and not have these days because lately they have become more and more. Thank You for listening to me!! PLease Help!!

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Your friend reminds me a great deal of a person I used to be friends with. To make a long story short, I'm no longer friends with her. I dont know, maybe you'rej ust more patient than I am, but I just cannot stand those types of people that whine and complain endlessly and just sit there and not do anything about their situation.


My solution to most complicating subjects, is to just be blunt about everything. If you want your friend to tell the guy she likes that she likes him, then tell her to tell him. For all you know, he might be contimplating whether or not he should like her back, or like another girl from his town. You'll never know anything if you dont take the risk.


As for your depression days. I get days like that too. It's probably an affect of your friend's "sadness" rubbing off on you. You really should find other friends that are a little more independent and happy.


Not sure if I helped you out any, but I hope your situation gets better.

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It sounds like your friend may have problems with depression. You should take her seriously. Is she suicidal?


You could also be suffering from depression. It sounds like sometimes your friend brings you down, but some of may be biochemical. Have you thought about talking to a counselor about your friend and yourself?


It's also tough being a teenager. I think that could also be part of it. I don't miss those teen years. The 20s were a better time or have been a better time for me. There's not so much pressure to fit in and go with the grain. It's easier to do what I want and be who I want than try to fit in.

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Thanks for the advice. My friend is not sucidal. She just needs attention from everyone all the time. Also, i have tried the being blunt thing. I have told her numerous of times to either do something about this feeling or stop talking about it becuase if she didnt do anything then nothing would happen. She still continues to bring it up and sometimes in such blunt ways. Like she would stay quiet for awhile and then with out me asking anything she would say stuff like i am just thinking about things. Then she would say i am sure you could guess what they are. Then she keeps making comments until i actually guess and then she doesnt want to talk about it. Maybe your right this isnt a person i should be hanging with if it makes me feel the way i do.

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