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do i love him as much as he loves me?

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ok, well i have a boyfriend who is 4 years older than me, and hes crazy about me. at first i was flattered by his comments. he would tell me how beautiful i am, and how he wouldnt no what to do if i left him. and i do like him, but the way he talks about me, makes me wonder if he loves me more than i love him. i mean, is it fair to him if i dont love him to the degree that he loves me. im younger than him, and this is the most serious relationships ive been in, so i told him straight out im not ready for somthings that he might b interested in. but is that okay?


please help, is it fair to him?


I have girls coming up to be in the bathrooms and telling me that i dont deserve him as a boyfriend and its beggining to get to me, maybe he does deserve better than me especialaly when im not ready for that kind of sexual relationship

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heh, I have girls telling me I don't deserve my boyfriend and they like him more than I like him too.


...I tell them, yeah, that's great. Too bad he chose me eh?


^_~ Who cares if you deserve him or not? The important thing is you are WITH him and he CHOSE you. If those girls want to drool over your boyfriend they'll have to talk to your boyfriend, not you.


Just make sure you treat your boyfriend well, don't abuse him, use him, and you're fine.


In relationships, it's really hard to get to the perfect balance where both love each other just as much.


In my relationship, bf loves me more than I love him... in fact, I'm not even sure if my feelings are that strong. But you know, I make him happy and he likes being around me + I like being around him. So, I decided that's all that matters.


Your question about not knowing whether it's okay to tell him you're not ready for stuff. Of course it's okay. No one should be able to push you into something you don't like no matter how much they like you or how much you feel indebt to them. When it comes down to it, it's your life, so you decide.

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