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ok, so you might have my other recent post ( link removed ) about my ex girlfriend. i think at this point she's not carrying that act on anymore.


yesterday i was online and i was checking people's profiles as usual, and my ex usually doesn't have anything in hers (we still talk online occasionally) but yesterday i checked hers after i put up my away message to leave, and she had put in a quote from some angsty song about with lyrics like "saying what i don't mean" and stuff. below it, she wrote "the truth hurts more than the lies". i read this, thinking she might have been referring to when we broke up and i found out about how much she lied to me, mostly about her cheating on me a few times. i came back later and checked it again while my away message was still up, and her profile was still there. i returned from away, and she signed off a few seconds later. today she didn't have anything in hre profile again.


despite it being very bizarre of me to be taking so much stock into this, i can't help but think she was trying to tell me something with this. i don't have any intention of getting back together with her but it seemed to me like she was trying to communicate something she was feeling with me without directly addressing me. do you think she wants me to talk about this with her? up until today i had spent the last few weeks showing her that i'm better off without her, like i would see her at school and be kind of a jerk to her, but not entirely mean so she knows i'm just messing with her.


what do you think she means by this message? does she want me to talk to her? like i said i feel like i'm better off without her but i still don't want to her to think i hate her or make her feel bad about our relationship.

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sometimes we like to think something means something, when it really doesn't she might just be having a bad day, my ex's away message read "i'm sure the view from heaven beats the hell out of mine here and if we all believe in heaven maybe we'll make it through one more year down here" i was hoping she would be rethinking her decisoin to go back to being friends but she might just be having a bad day, even though its her birthday... i guess well never know?

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its true that sometimes we probably read into things to much but at the same times a lot of the time they actually may be leaving these messages to you indirectly.


when my ex of 4 years left me she would always have quotes up in her profile. she always said that they were just songs she liked or w/e. still, they always seemed to be aimed at me..so i thought. eventually i stopped thinking this way because i thought it was just my imagination/hopes.


however, she later admitted that she would put stuff in her profile to be/about me but denied it to everyone. i guess maybe it was a way of expressing her feelings without just blurting it out? I dont know.


ironically, looking back on it i could have gotten her back and i did want her back. i tried to hard at first..she pushed me away. then she wanted me, i denied her. (this is when she made the quotes onnline) then i wanted her again, then she wanted me again.


this is off topic...but i guess people really do want what they can't have.

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