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help me-loud kissing?

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ok well yesterday i went to a concert with my bff and bf. on the way home in my friends van, me nd dan were sitting in the back and we started making out. a few minutes in, chels starts hittting me on my leg and shes like 'you guys are being really loud, thatswhy i was talking to my mom i cant hold a conversation with her for that long' i was jw if loud making out its, like, normal....

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It's normal to be loud when you are smooching if you are really getting into it and sucking the other persons' tongue....if that's what you are asking. I wouldn't worry about it too much.


One time I was outside smooching on the patio with a guy and his friend said he could hear us inside in the living room. So I think if you are a really passionate kisser then that's normal.

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It happens.


One time I was on a second date with the girl, and her friend needed to use the phone in my house, so I walked her in, when we came out I just grabbed her frined and we made out. Guess we were too loud because I heard the girl comment to my friend that she hears kissing and they better not be kissing.


So I got busted.


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