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Therapy?..or something


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Okay, so heres my story. My father was an alcoholic for 8 years, and i had to put up with so much garbage every day. I'd spend days just locked in this room while my parents were fighting. So basically im 16 years old now and im a really emotional person. I think all of my friends have seen me in tears at one point or another. Another thing is how shy I am...however ive gotten better over the past year but I still feel that its holding me back. Theres been times where i was really depressed and i was a cutter for a while, but i stopped that. I just feel i need to do something about my shyness or social anxiety or whatever it is. I just feel something is holding me back. Im not the same person i am around large groups of people or with close friends. In school i barely speak in the classroom. I know who i am, but i just cant be that person around others. I feel it has to do with my past and it just shaped the person i am today. I dont really know what to do. Its getting annoying now.

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It sounds like you could really use a friend or someone to talk to. It may be a good idea to seek counseling. A counselor would keep things confidential and could help you sort things out. I'm sure you do have some social anxiety from your parents fighting.


I have done counseling before. The first counselor wasn't a good match for me, but the second one was perfect so sometimes you have to search for the right one for you. It has to do with personality and different theories or approaches to therapy because there's like cognitive and feminist and some other ones. I prefer the feminist one!

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There's school counselors that are free and confidential so your parents wouldn't have to know. I don't know how good they are or what their training is like.


If your parents have health insurance, sometimes therapy can be covered under that. If so, then your parents would probably have to know. But, you can just tell your parents that you have been really depressed and would like to go into counseling to try to help you with that. Also, all counselors are required to keep all things confidential in order to keep their job so it's not like your parents have access to the things that you would talk about in counseling.


Hope that helped.

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