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Meeting someone special at the coffee shop


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If you met a guy/girl you like and you had a small conversation with him/her at the coffee shop at school and you did not get each other's contact information. Will you likely to go back to the coffee shop to look for him/her and wish he/she will be there at the same spot you met him/her last time? Or you would think that's crazy, he/she won't be there and shouldn't even waste time going to the same place to check if he/she was there. (Not knowing if he/she likes you)


How about if both of you like each other at first sight but didn't get contact information, do you think that both of you will end up going to the same place to look for each other?

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If I were you, I'd go back, heres why, becase I am a guy, and if that happened I would go back, but If I met her again, I would make it seem coincidental, So if he felt something too, he will probally go back. If you see him, go up and start talking to him. Hope that helps, It is something I would do, (And I hope im not just some weird kind of stalker guy but dont know it yet )

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