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Help Whats the best way to ask her out,please i hav2hav her


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ok if you have red my other posts i have talked about this girl that i like but its not really important to go and read them all


but to cut a long story short

i made up my mind and i have to ask this girl out i want to be with her i really like her


i will proly see her over the weekend like always and i know i have to get her alone when i ask her


the only thing i dont know if u have read my other posts its obvious the odds are agenst me on this one but i dont care i have to go through with this


so i know i have to do it the best posible way i can and i can not make any mistakes in giving her an easy way to say no


so please!!!!! help me tell me what u think i should say and do to make her say yes, tell me how i can get her!! PLEASE



if its helps at all the reason the odds are against me is because shes not into making a steady relationship because shes had some bad ones in teh past but i know she likes me in some way or another please help i have to ask her out

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yah i understand its that easy but i hang out with her a lot on the weekends because me and my friends all are friends with her but i want to be more than friends with her so if i just hung out with her some where i wouldent be going anywhere with this relationship because we always hang out on the weekends

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Whatever you do - do not display this desperation in front of her. That is totally going to kill your chances. Try to act as calm and collected as possible. Think of her as any other human being. How long have you been friends with her? If you've been friends for a long time, and you've been routinely hanging out on the weekends, then it's going to be hard to get out of the friendzone, but if you're willing to try, good luck. Try and show her that you're interested with subtle touching and what not, but please, do not give her an "I like you" speech. That stuff doesn't work.

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