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Her mom is EvIL!

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Hey for anyone out there that would like to listen to me moan and complain, My g/f's mom is a class A bi***. She is constantly grounding her for weeks at a time when all she did was forget to fold about five towels. The towel incident happened yesterday and all the mom said to her was your grounded and never specified how long. So today she comes over and its all fine and dandy then her mom calls and says "what are u doing over there you are grounded." What i dont understand is how she was suppose to know how long she was grounded. So now im sitting her writing this knowing that im not going to be able to spend thanksgiving with her because her mom is posessed. I really need advice i dont know what to do, I need to see this girl, I love her, but her mom is evil. Could anyone give me some advice please thanks




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Her mom does sound psycho. Her mom isn't just joking around when she tells her she's grounded? Is she yelling at her when she tells her she's grounded?


It sounds like her mom has some control issues and wants to know everything and where her daughter is at all times. Maybe the mom doesn't like the fact that her daughter has a boyfriend and she's grounding her to keep her away from you.


Have you tried talking to your gf about this? It sounds like it's putting a damper on your relationship.


I don't think there's much you can do about her mom grounding her, esp. if your gf lives under her roof and is supported by her mom.

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my mom did that too. she doesn't even bother grounding us. we're always grounded anyways...


she must have her own special sets of ways to deal with her mom.


what i used to do around my mom was.. if i have some exciting event that i absolutely want to go to, i'll never say anything and act really depressed for a month or so, and a week before, randomly mention the event as something that's no big deal that i just have to go to... mention it when she's not listening, and the moment before the event i just say, "i told you about going to chris's house for study group, i'll be back in 4 hours." and run! =D it works half of the time with my mom.

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Iceman26: my g/f is 16 im pretty sure thats what you meant but if not im not sure how old her mom is....40 maybe


San123: well her mom just said she was grounded so she assumed that that meant just for the rest of that day, from my experience a parent should tell you your grounded for a week and if they dont tell you i would expect a day to be default but i geuss everyone is different


Ballys: Ya she is kinda crazy in my eyes, as far as i know she is not yelling....maybe just a little bit of an elevated voice. She is definitely not joking around when she says shes grounded. Ya i think that she is trying to keep us apart but maybe im wrong, sometimes i think there might even be a little jealousy involved sometimes. Yes i have talked to her about this and it never really gets anywhere because it seems like she is scared of her mom grounding her longer if she confronts her mom. Most of the time we find ways around it though like when shes grounded il go wait with her at her bus stop at 6:00 in the morning then go back home once the bus gets there because her bus picks her up 45 minutes befoer my school starts.


Tea: Hey that sounds like it might work il have to pass it on to my g/f we will give at a whirl and il get back to you on how it works


Hey thanks for all the great replys everybody....keep them coming


THanks Skout41 8)

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