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I think my boyfriend wants to finger me, the thing is, i have never even used a tampon. i dont want to tell him that however but i dont want him to get frustrated because i keep saying no. I know he doesnt care about that type of thing that much because he has told me, but i still feel like he wants more. This probly sounds stupid too.

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If your boyfriend does not respect that you already told him "no", you shouldn't be going any further with him than you already have. Also, if you're not comfortable talking to him about such things, you're right in following your intuition and saying no.


Bottom line is, this is a step too far for both of you to take. Slow down a little and if your boyfriend persists, recognize that he does not respect you and you're probably better off without him.

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Just be honest and open with him. Next time he asks, just tell him that you aren't comfortable with the idea yet.


He may get frustrated, and if he does, then thats his problem. You aren't doing anything wrong at all. You should never do anything, or let anyone do something to you that you are not comfortable with. If he does get mad or something, then you need to tell him to get over it and respect your feelings.

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Yes, wait until you are comfortable before doing anything like that. If your boyfriend is worthwhile, he will understand. Otherwise, you can definetly find someone who will.


I remember when I first did anything like that, I wasn't ready. I was very, very uncomfortable with doing it and all it did was confuse me. With time, you will probably become more comfortable and ready to go to that point. Until then, it's best you do what you're doing and resist.

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Just for the record, your post was not stupid. Most of us have been in the same position at one time and felt the same way (I know I have, anyway). It's not stupid at all.


If he's alreadly told you that he doesn't care about that kind of stuff, then you should take his word for it. If you want, you can give him an explanation (I know, even that can be scary), but you don't even owe him an explanation. You can leave it at "I'm not ready," "I don't want to," or even just a "No."

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I want to give you a guys opinion. This may not aply to all guys because some guys (alot of them) think they can do what they want with a girl even if she doesnt like it. But that is not how i was raised and is not how my future children will be raised. I asked my girl friend (been with her for nine months) if it was okay if i did anything. I told her if she wasnt ready tell me now and not when it was too late. I knew it would be okay if i did but i wanted her to know i had that respect for her to make sure it was. Some times you may have to tell him something that your not comfortable saying but thats what it takes to make him understand. Guys may not like me saying that but it's true. When you are ready let him know. I don't mean say "Hey you can finger me" but just let him know, girls out there know how to give those sighns and well guys know how to read them. I'm going to leave you with one little saying i've always been told "Respect yourself before anything else".

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they are right first off you need a guy that would care about you and not what he wants from you


second you are only 15 slow down im amazed that your boyfriend has even asked


just go with what you feel and dont take any crap from anyone and if he says something to you again about it you should sit and think if this guy is worth while being with if hes going to try and pressure you into do things like that

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