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Guys I need your advice please!

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This guy & I have been flirting pretty hard for about the past two months. I have known him my whole life but things are just now starting to open up. We have went out together with friends and it ends up us seperating from the group and being alone. Last month he got his drivers lincense and the communication is almost down to nothing. I try to talk to him ..but he always has this *smart* attitude. What is going on is he not intrested or is he just hyped on having a little more freedom? Please help!

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well i was like that i mean when you have more freedom you change

into what? i dont know it just depends on that other person so since hes acting like this to you i think that you should confess to him about how you really feel and tell him what hes doing if you dont do this than you could loose him or he could loose you, trust me it happened to me but it was a girl and i did not confess to her and she left me for another guy and she had no clue that i had feelings for her.

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His problem could be that you are too close to him. You've known each other your whole lifes, and he may just see you as his "sister", which grosses a guy out when he thinks about a relationship with that person. He also has his license and feels like he's a "free man" and is ready to just go out and have fun. If you still feel like he likes you (which he may) then try to set up a "date" with him (in which he could drive somewere with you). You could even just ask him if you two could go for a nice, long drive (in which you could start to talk more while out driving).

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