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could/am i pregnant?


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ok for like over a month now i have just been feeling like crap and my stomach has been bothering me...but i had my period but it was kinda light and didnt last the full time that it normaly does. I'm on birth control and we dont use condoms. but i have been really tired lately, and i feel like im going to be sick alot, and i have like a crampy feeling like im having my period sometimes.

i'm just wondering if anybody thinks that i could be pregnant because i have no idea and im just freaking out right now so please if somebody could help me i would really like it thanx

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No, if you have your period but it's very light and didn't last very long or lasted too long, most of the time it's actually an early sign of miscarriage.


Most likely you're pregnant. I suggest you getting tested asap. Since you already bled, if you're pregnant there's a high chance of a miscarriage. Be careful and treat yourself well. Miscarrages hurt your body more than an abortion.

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I do NOT think you are pregnant either.. because you did have your period... but when I was pregnant I didnt think I was either (I DID miss my period) cause I kept getting the cramps that I get like the week before I get my period.. but then they started to get worse and they would just about put me to the ground... Apparently SOME pregnant women get these cramps.. I hope future pregnancies arent like this....Im not saying that to scare you.. if you had your period then I dont think you are pregnant...

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Some women get their periods throughout their pregnancy so I don't think just because she did have her period that she's not pregnant. Hormonal fluctuations differ between individuals and that's what controls menstruation.


She said that this has been going on for a month now. You need to buy a home pregnancy test ASAP or go to a walk-in clinic or family planning. You can't keep wondering about this and you need to get tested.


Take care of yourself!

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Ready or not.. I think you're wrong.. but I'm not a doctor either.


Please go get tested. Whether I'm wrong or not really doesn't matter. It DOES matter if you're pregnant and didn't realize that until the 3rd month or the 4th month. You have to know we do have babies born 5 months into pregnancy that survived and are perfectly healthy. Go get tested. If you're pregnant you need to make a decision asap. If you're not pregnant, getting tested can't hurt.

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I just wanted to let you know that I am in the exact same position. I am on the pill also and I have a lot of the signs of pregnancy and I am waiting to see if I get my period. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Maybe we can help each other out

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as someone has said before some people can get thier periods throughout the pregnancy and not realise they are pregant b/c they think it isjust normal. if you have an asumption that you may be pregnant or are worrying then you MUST go and get tested or get a home kit (although not all home kits work!!!!!) the best thing to do is to go to your doc and get it sorted. he cant tell your parents unless you want him/her to. if you are wrried about them finding out!! please go and get tested it will put your mind at rest once you have the results. my friend had ascare and she didnt want to do a test, when i finally convinced her to do one she felt much better!!

if you are pregnant you need to make the decision wether you are ready for, or want a baby right now!!

but all this can be though about ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN TESTED!!!

good luck

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