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An adventure - looking for a brilliant idea.


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I've just found out that an actress, whom I've had a crush on for a while, is spending some time in my city. I'm looking for a way to meet her. She and I do have a home region in common, and we both went to the same private junior high school, although at different times.


I believe I know where she is staying. I will NOT consider hanging out there, or anything else that smells of stalking. I'm sure that half the city here is interested too! I am looking for a legit way of meeting her.


One thought I do have. I'm a musician, and I'm giving a concert in a few weeks. If there's any way I could get her to come...


So I'm looking for some brilliant way to meet this person, in a good way. How to reach her, how to go about it. Thanks in advance!

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Hi hazlcha,


Well this is gonna be of no help to you......


Sounds like a great adventure..... Just play it cool, I like the sound of getting her to come to your concert.


Maybe you could contact her agent. Tell em bout the concert and the exposure she would get from it.....


If your gonna do it, you gotta do it properly. Get the local press to come down. I dont no... just dont fake it... make it real.


Even if you cannot meet her wot an adventure it would have been


Good luck.. let me no what happens



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