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Love/Hate...........do they mix?

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ummm...i am infatued with a guy called pete. i really really like him i dont know why. i was seeing him for a few weeks recently. i'd ahem cheated with him on my boyfriend about 6 months ago, and i'd always fancied him and there was always things that slipped up that when i was back with my boyfriend that he still liked me too, even though he was my boyfriends mate.

ok, just to clarify, i felt very very guilty and nearly killed myself over how much hurt i caused my boyfriend ok?

so about two months after i split up with my boyfriend we kissed at my mates house. i thought it was great, yay omg. this is going to be great. i was worried it would ruin our friendship though.

i was gutted. he ended up treating me like crap and not contacting me at all in the week and basically, i was used for sex.

i hate him for that. i loathe him. but i still, really fancy him!!!! annoying as hell!!!!

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