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I found a fault for women-most of them do it


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Well what i have noticed being around on this planet for a little bit now i noticed a fault of women not all but a lot.I notice that women have a certain way of calling guys perverts.Say if a guy is ugly and he says some perverted comments he gets called perverted and stupid.Say if the same thing happens and a guy says something really perverted.And he is hot the girl will just laugh and go along with it because hey hes super hot.I mean is that really fair?They should both be called perverts and treated bad and that should not be based on looks.I just notice you girls are A LOT more lenient on guys who are hot when it comes to perversion.I think being perverted is retarded and i never act that way at all.Just a little thing i have noticed

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Yep i have noticed that for quite sometime now it really is no fair.Even though the ugly guys deserves what he gets for being a pervert its still not fair to him that a hot guy gets nothing bad to him.Girls just keep on going right along with it.Like say if the ugly guy says some sick things leading up to saying wow that moms a milf or something then he will get what he deserves.But if a hot guy does it the girl will be like laughing hahaha even though its a sick comment.My friend always says to girls like hey how bout i do your mom to me in like front of a girl she will laugh.Yet if i was to do the same thing she would call me a pervert.It is one of the biggest fauls i have seen about women.Well thats how things work like 90 percent of human beings are shallow nothing to it.

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you girls are A LOT more lenient on guys who are hot when it comes to perversion.I think being perverted is retarded and i never act that way at all.Just a little thing i have noticed


If you never act that way, then why worry about being labelled as anything?


Something I've noticed Shinobie, is that you seem a bit too concerned with the faults of women in general, how we are, what we lack, the mistakes we make, etc. Perhaps the reason that you are finding so many faults is because you don't pay enough attention to your own life and taking care of your own. There are certain things that get me down about guys sometimes, but I also realize that it's unfair (and useless) for me to generalize the entire male species.


Shinobie, you are 17 years old, and I am assuming that 99% of the girls that you interact with are also around that age. Looking back, I know that most teenagers have this need to achieve some kind of social status, to date the 'prettiest girl' or the 'hottest guy'. When you get older, into your mid twenties, you will develop your own identity and care a heck of a lot less about these things. You will realize that social status in high school means absolutely nothing when you are actually out in the real world working and taking care of yourself.


The reason that I chose to reply to this, is because very often, I see you ranting and raving about women. I worry that you might be depending on them too much to make you feel better about yourself. They won't. They may, perhaps temporarily, but if you can't find some way to achieve inner peace yourself, without the help of other peoples' approval, then there's just no way that you will ever be truly happy. You obviously have a good heart, judging by your posts here, but in high school, this generally isn't something that these so-called "hot girls" are going to notice about you. They need to grow up too.


There are a lot of people who are discriminated against in high school. What about the minorities? People with disabilities? People who have weight problems, visible deformities, etc.? I can promise you that these people would have a thing or two to say about being kept down on the social ladder.

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Well, it's fact in life Young Shinobie,

we cannot really change Ppl, although i find that it's extreme stupidity to judge or to give "cute hot" guyz or ppl in general more chance than others,.. They shall all know, that this Hot person, didnt try hard to get his hansomness, he was just given, so he shouldnt be rewarded on something he didnt sweat for.. am i right?

that's what i believe..,

and just to share a fact in my life, my eyes right now looks at the inner beauty and i swear i find "what htey call them ugly ppl" the most beautiful and pretty and cute of all.., once ppl understand that it's all a matter of luck to look good, they'll know whom they'll let to pass next time..


Night's Tale ..

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In the winter time, when I am wearing a hat, a scarf, a big coat, my winter boots and my glasses, my blond eyebrows and my pale skin make me look like an older woman (all my family tells me that).


And, believe me, the treatment I get from men is 180 degrees opposite than when they can see my long blond hair and the shape of my body.


Sometimes, it makes me feel sad when I realize that, but, hey, it's life. In fact, men are much more focused on women's physical appearance and it is sad that women have to undertake all these efforts (make-up, salons, fashion clothing, breast enlargement, etc) while men get away with shaving.


It's a notorious fact that men are always seeking good looking women. Women are far less demanding than men in general.

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That's very true Francis. Some men won't even give less attractive women the time of day.


One of my best girlfriends, whom I've known for about 15 years, has always had less luck with guys. She's an amazing girl and probably my favourite friend to hang out with, but because she's a bit overweight and doesn't dress like a floozy, she tends to get a lot less attention from guys.


On the other hand, I have some girlfriends who have little or no social skills and who treat most people like crap. But, because they are physically attractive, it usually doesn't matter. This is simply how it works in the world, but it's impractical and does me no good to dwell on it. Shallow people usually find themselves unhappy in the long run.

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No, they don't, and I think it shows what a caring and good person you are to say so Shinobie. However, paying too much attention to negatives like that, rather than trying to focus on a bit of the positives, is just so emotionally unhealthy that it can literally drive you into depression.


It's easy for some people to look down on others. But remember - people like this have not had a proper ubringing, haven't had proper values or morals instilled from childhood.


For example, a friend of mine who I'll call *Mike, comes from a family that is well-known for their money, nice cars, Caribbean vacations three times a year, etc. He's never had to work a day in his life for anything that he has, his father even got him his job where he makes $80,000 a year for working one or two days a week tops (and even when he does, it is usually only a couple of hours). He is rude to people, could care less about world issues, the homeless, or other people who are less advantaged as he is. Why? Because his parents are the exact same way. I went for dinner there one night and all they did was sit around and talk about how wonderful their lives were, how great they were, and how low and undeserving other people were (more or less). I left there disgusted.


If people are brought up into a considerate and respectful family, then they are much more likely to grow into considerate, respectful adults. I feel sorry for the ones who are brought up into homes that are not this way.


I believe that people who call other people names and look down on others are simply unhappy in their own skin. It makes them feel good, and more powerful to push someone down. Who would they be without doing that?

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i don't know. i'm a pretty attractive guy, and it seems girls get intimidated by me unless i show some kind of character flaw. then they seem less shy. sometimes i have to be shy, other times i have to be a jerk. i'm a confident, polite, but not a wuss kind of guy usually, but it seems most girls i know my age, or a few years older, have a bit of a problem with that.

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Well it cuts both ways. As a guy, i know that hot women can really get away with murder. Hot guys and hot girls have a free pass for a lot of things, thanks to genetics.


The truly miraculous people are the ones who are beautiful and possess regular human decencies, modesty and a brain in their heads.

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i think people are being incredibly stereotypical and judgemental towards good looking people.


good looking people are no different from normal people, except for being used to extra attention. like normal people, some embrace this extra attention. the others will be quite shy around it. some good looking people are a lot more shy/insecure then you will ever think. they just have to put up a shield against it because they have to deal with more people.

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I think most people judge other with the way they look which is totally wrong. There are a lot of good looking murderers, drug addicts and mean people.


Good looks also have their disavantages you know. If you are good looking, you'll never know if the guy or girl you are with is only after your looks. and how do you explain good looking celebrities who commit suicide? Do you think they are happy?


You can be ugly and yet happy. It's a matter of how you look and react to things.

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Now we all know that everyone has a preference. That we want SOME physical attraction with the person we are into. But let's get real, looks are not everything. ANd yes attractive people (guys and girl) get away with alot of stuff.


Shinobi, I support your rants and raves 100%. Not just perverted things. If you are ugly and you try to start up a conversation with a girl, in most cases, she will give you the boot or she will los interest fast. Yet some hot guy comes along and it is all good for him (in most cases, there are exceptions to every rule). I know alot of guys that talk of nothing more than hot girls but then you turn around and they are going out with (in my opinion) a less attractive female. Whereas, I ALWAYS see some girl literally DROOLING over some Brad Pitt wannabe no matter what he does. He can be a thug, a pretty boy prep, a player, the point is HE KNOWS he can get the ladies.


Now don't get me wrong, there are guys out there like that too, but this is about the females doing wrong, because we hear about the guys doing wrong ALL THE TIME yet you used to never hear about the girls doing things. But in any case, it is like if you are ugly, you cannot make jokes with them, you cannot converse with them, you cannot look at them. If you are hot, you got yourself a "Get Out of Loser Jail" card. It isn't right. I wish alot of the women today would just get out of the shallow kiddie pool and head for the ocean where the real fish are and not some pool fodder. Excuse me if I seem so...judgemental, but alot is going through my mind right now.

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i hope some people realize too that because these assumptions are made, a lot of people automatically assume good looking people to be snobby or arrogant.

sometimes a less physically attractive person can poke a bit of fun at a girl, and the girl will think that he's funny. when a more physically attractive guy comes along and does the same, everybody thinks he's being mean and too stuck up himself.

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i'd have to disagree. most of the good looking people i know, (probably about 80%) are actually quite shy and get approached by too many people, so they get very defensive. i've only ever met three people who were good looking and coc.ky.


now i'll agree that good looking people do usually get better chances with first impressions, but that doesn't mean good looking people go using it to treat others like crap. it means that they can, but doesn't mean that they will.


and trust me, it's more attractive when people don't act intimidated by better looking people.

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i'd have to disagree. most of the good looking people i know, (probably about 80%) are actually quite shy and get approached by too many people, so they get very defensive.


This was very insightful, thanks for not generalizing!


Guys: if you sometimes wonder why "hot" girls give you the cold shoulder, or refuse to acknowledge you at all, it could just be because she is tired of getting hit on by every dude that crosses her path. If you are not female, you won't understand this. Sometimes, women just want to be looked at with respect, and treated like she has a brain in her head. Even the "nice guys" will come accross as another guy trying to get into her pants. She will eventually become defensive and somewhat cold. With good-looking girls, you may have to work a bit harder to show her that you've "come in peace". She's probably just skeptical of your intentions.


For example, the other night I was walking into the subway station, and this strange guy approaches me out of nowhere, trying to strike up a conversation with compliments and "introductions". It's menacing and threatening when I'm by myself. I hate it - it scares me sometimes, but of course, I'm the one with the bad attitude, right? lol

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You know that actually makes alot of sense. Maybe because I am a huge skeptic myself. Whenever a girl hits on me or compliments me (I guess you can call it paranoia.) I, for some reason, get a red flag that pops in my head and I question her motives in my head. It isn't the girls that give me a cold shoulder that truly get to me. It is the ones that try to use you simply because they KNOW you are nice. I really don't hit on girls very often so I rarely encounter that type. I frankly DO NOT trust most females I know and most of them have a sinister motive if they take time out to converse with me. But I DO NOT reject them, I watch their moves just in case I actually encounter a good girl. (not going to happen in this millennium) The only "cold" shoulder girls that get to me is the ones that like you one day, then hate you or throw you away the next. What goes on in the minds of women will forever be a mystery left unsolved along with the legends of Loch Ness and space aliens.

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