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Emotional thoughts on life.


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I know it's not very poetic. It's just something I wrote up that is more emotional than anything. Please feel free to criticize.



Such a beautiful night, the stars so bright

I sit alone thinking and wondering why

Why must I be so alone?

Why are so many things out of sight?

Why am I sitting here crying this night?

I do not know: I can not say

Why do I hate myself more every day?


I'm sitting here looking at the beautiful, night sky

Yet I'm still trying to figure out why?

Why must I cry when I think about my life?

Why can't anything just be right?

I wish I could change, but I am who I am.

Why do I feel like no one gives a dam*?

My parents love me, they really seem to care.

But I'm still all alone, with nobody there.


Dam* this night sky, dam* it all to he*l.

Why is everyone but me doing so well?

I'm sick of it. I hate it. I don't know what to do.

Why don't I have a g-d dam*ed clue?

I'm just a coward, that's all that I am.

F**k it, I don't even give a dam*.


~11/14/2004 by me

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Thanks alot! I can't promise that there will be more though. I was just sitting outside one night thinking about my life and the words just kinda came to me. I've never been poetic at all, and honestly, after I read it myself, I kinda thought it was powerful and emotional. Who knows though? Who knows what the future will bring?

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Nice poem. I write also and have had the same feelings even though I am a bit older than you. If you would like some serious reviews of your work, go to link removed and post some. I've been there for a while and there are lots of cool people writing good things such as yours. My handle there is artsay. Loved the poem and good luck....



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Wow! Thanks a lot for the compliments. I looked into that link removed thing but this poem really means something to me and I don't know if I can just throw it into this contest. I found that when I wrote it, it was pretty much completely spontaneous, and it was, and is, my life. It was sort of a way to vent my feelings.

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