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I seem to have 2 people talking in my head! good and bad

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Hi and before i start please forgive my spelling and use of text talk.


I seem to have 2 people talking in my head I have what I called the good "he" wants to do the right thing for everyone else all the time and is very caring and the bad he is selfish and nasty caring for number one only... If im a sticky situation they seem to debate the plan of action for me normally the good takes the lead and I do whats good but I cant help feel im a TV show waiting to be made i feel as if im going NUts.


I wish i could listen to the bad side beacuse people do stuff to me so why cant i do stuff to other people but good seems to always win and if It doesnt i feel hert in some way inside... I dont know what im asking of the people of this forum maybe some help, maybe just to say "your not crazy i have the same problem ive named mine bob and nick" or maybe just to say your nuts get help!


*hugs n thanks*

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even good people feel selfish sometimes. in fact, i think everybody is at least a little bit selfish. there are givers and takers in this world. you sound like a giver. dont feel guilty about the fact that sometimes, you want to be a taker too. thats totally normal. i feel that way too. nobody can be completely selfless 100% of the time.

i feel like if you can accept the fact that its ok to feel like you have to choose between yourself and others, then you wont feel so tormented all the time. and then you might not fixate so much on these two voices in your head so much!!

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