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I still have not moved on...


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......by releasing graphic pics and hidden video that he says he has of me...he threatens to post them on random vehicles at my place of employment and post them online. I have gone to the police and the investigator had just been advising me to file the emails away.....I have reported the emails to his boss and the webmaster at his job (because that is where they originated), but his boss didn't want to get involved in what he referred to as a "he said/she said" situation and the webmaster has actually said there wasn't any way for him to trace the email directly to G.A.D. (even though the company's ip address and G.A.D.'s dept. name actually appears in the header of the email).

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Do you remember him taking photos or video of you?


Has his gf never found these??? I doubt he has anything still.....


It would be totally embarrassing if he did have pictures and posted them, but you cant let it eat you up and ruin your life... Deal with it when or if it happens... If you are also worried about what your current bf would think tell him the entire story....

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My boyfriend knows the whole story....he's being as supportive as he can through all of this, but I realize he loses his patience with me sometimes because I am letting it eat me alive.


G.A.D. and I did take some pics "together", but of course he made sure he was unidentifiable in all of them. Any video footage that was taken was done completely without my consent.


His girlfriend is now his wife....and I'm not sure how much truth she really knows.....I've tried to communicate with her in the past--I forwarded her all threatening/harassing emails that I received from him and I've apologized for my part profusely, but she has never replied. Who knows what she believes or what HE has told her. I sometimes regret ever opening my mouth. Some women will say that they'd like to know if they were being cheated on...but from this situation I wonder if "ignorance is bliss". I feel like the big loser in all of this....not that I shouldn't feel that way, but I guess I kind've thought that by telling his girlfriend (now wife) I was doing the right thing in the end.

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