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Why did we break up

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All right me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost a year. She is the perfect girl. All of our friends and family have said that we will get married. Her frend even told us as a joke not to break up at a halloween party last week.

Then right out of left field she told me that she doesnt want a boyfriend anymore because she feels like she is too young to this involed with someone. Now I am 21 and she is 19 so I understand this. I thought it was kind of scary to like someone this much.

Now she also told me that her feelings for me are still there and she never stopped likeing me. She also said that we could still end up togather and she wants me to stay in her life. The werid thing is that the last few days we have been "broken up" she calls me and makes small talk on the phone all night before we go to sleep just like we used to like nothing happened. Also right after she told me this , I went to touch her (habit) and when I went to pull away , she told me it was ok if I touched her still.

Are we even broken up??? And if we are then why?? Is she scared or did her feelings for me fade?? It seems to me that there is still something there. I dont even feel that bad cause it feels like not much has changed. Whats going on here??

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sounds like she wants a playmate...she trusts you, knows you, knows your clean & youre not a random guy she meets, so she thinks hey hes perfect to just fool around with!


she says shes 'too young' to be tied down, but 'old enough' to play like an adult..


dude this is ALL ON YOU if you want this to continue. call the shots NOW before it gets to be any more complicated. if it hurts you then drop her & drop her fast. you 2 ARE broken up but she still wants the benefits, & if you love her & respect what you had together then i wouldnt agree to this at all!


start NO CONTACT asap.


tough situation but dont let her have her cake & eat it too...



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