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Still thinking about ex?

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Every morning I wake up feeling sad and depressed and the first person that normally pops in my head is my ex. I will relive the good times, think about why we broke up, why he used to lie to me, why I couldn't trust him and why he ended it after two years without a word -just a text.


It will be 5 months since we have split up and he is with someone else now - a girl from his work. They have have had a thing going on basically since we split up. He got back in contact with me via fb in January to ask how I was ( i dont have him as a friend he messaged me) I replied but never heard from him again. This reopened the wounds that I felt I was recovering from and since then I checked his fb sometimes twice a day until a few weeks ago when he changed his relationship status.


Since then I've not looked at anything but still can't get him out my head. I just don't know how he is managing to move on and obviously isn't thinking about me the way I am about him. I've thought about messaging him about it but there would be no point now as he is happy with someone else. When I'm around my friends I feel great, and I've been dating so its not like I'm living in a black hole, but I still feel like I'm not over him yet. I know everyone says time heals everything, but I wondered if anyone had anything that helped them stop thinking about a past relationship to the point that when you remembered you would be surprised you had thought of it?


I'm fed up giving him my thoughts and time, when he is, after all, a stranger to me now - just a memory of something that has been.

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Hopefuly you will have felt better since you stopped snooping on his FB , but up until you did that you weren't giving yourself the best opportunity to heal as best you can. You keep everything fresh ( the breakup) by keeping them as your focus. Dumper always has a head start in healing as they have either been planning it for a while, already have somebody new lined up or just plainly didn't care for you like you cared for him. It might seem as if they have moved on fast, but they are just a period of time ( who knows how long ) ahead.


There are no secrets to moving on quicker but plenty of things you can do to slow it down though... like monitoring their activiites, getting info from friends , not being proactive with your life and keeping busy. Healing takes time and it's different for all of us. You will get there

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I could have written your post....I was replaced as well and the pain is staggering. All I can tell you is that time does help. I am still not where I want to be, but I am farther along today than I was this time last year. (14 months since break up). I trusted him so much, and then to turn around figure out that he was going behind my back is hard. I am sorry for all of us that are going through this pain. It hurts to the core for sure, but time will help you....


Also, don't look at what is going on in his life. Block him on FB, block her. Block anybody that might tell you about him. I wish I would have done that sooner....

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