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Advice on how to focus on study instead of break up!!


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So you know how they say you need to distract yourself after a break up?

Well, I've tried and was even successful, I went on a holiday and when I came home i was almost completely over the break up.


But he contacted me and things sort of went on again, and now off again.


It's been 6 months since he broke up with me and I feel like I did just after we broke up. I cant stop thinking about what went wrong, even though I know what it was.


Classes have just started, and I'm already struggling to keep up cause I cant sit down and study for more than 5 minutes without being distracted by thoughts of him. I really need some super great advice here! I can't afford to fall behind more. I miss him and I wish we would get back together but right now all I want to do is forget how much he means to me and try to focus on study which seems so impossible!

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When my girl left, we lived together. I used to study at home, couldn't do it any longer. So what I have been doing is going to Starbucks and study there. It helps with other people around, you can't sit there crying. Try that or the library or some other public area. Hope that helps.

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Thanks ! I actually tried the library today, haven't been back there cause we used to go there a lot together. It helped though. Got through a whole hour before I thought of things again.

Still an achievement..

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