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Moving back in with husband but.....


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Okay so I was going to try to move back in with my husband after 10 months of being separated. took my stuff over even though I am in severe pain from an urinary track infection, I had asked my husband if I could just rest and try the move tomorrow but he gave today as teh day to do it. (We have a daughter 9years old together) I got a few of my stuff moved but when I got to the house he already started telling me who I can and can't talk to. When I get a text from my friend he wants to see who it is. He has already told me that if I don't move back in that he will sell the house (both our names on the property) and take my daughter and move to the beach. Then we got into a heated debate and he said if I make one mistake I am out. Right now I am back at my other house where my once boyrfiend use to live. I really don't want to move bak in with the husband and I am scared of what he will do. I am scared of him. I do have it recored of him yelling at me and saying he was going to take my daughter. He knows I am not feeling too well right now but won't let me rest here. Wants me near him. What do I need to do??

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Not going to say anything about what you should do in that relationship since I'm not married nor have kids BUT he sounds way, way too abusive and controlling. Which obviously shows he has no self confidence in himself.


The only thing I can really comment on is the selling of the house and him threatening to take your daughter away. He can't legally just sell the house since your name is on it with him, you'd have to sign off on that & he can't just take your daughter away from you - that would go to court to deal with who gets custody and so forth.. So.. I know this isn't much help but hopefully that part could put your mind at ease a bit..

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