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How to SPRAY perfume/Cologne.

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K I dunt know if anyone else get this. But sometimes I underspray or overspray colgone and their both just plain bad.



So what I wanna know is how you spray yourself.


I usualylly do two sprays.


I've heard that some like to spray on areas with pulses like the wrist, neck, chest. Right on the skin.



So what do you find best when you spray cologne/perfume?

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I don't wear perfume, just because it makes me sneeze..


But I have always heard a good way is to spray on your wrist, then wipe your wrist on your neck, so that you get some on your neck. Of course I obivously wouldn't know since I don't wear it, but thats what I heard. You could try it and see how it works for you.

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i wish the perfume/cologne im using now had a spray damnit!! rowr, its one of those pour ones. anyway as a girl i was told to dab a little on your wrists, neck, & inbetween your clevage... ( Y ) but i see now that a male posted this lol soooo in that case...in your pants? lol


uhh nevermind...1 spray down the front of your body is justifiable for a dude.



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I hope to god that ur not talking about some dodgy cologne like Brut or somesuch... if you are just chuck it in the bin. Invest in something which suits you. You should apply scent to your pressur points. These are all over you body but the most notable ones are wrists, behind ears/ back of neck, behind knees and the indents on you pelvis.... if you put scent lower down it rises as time goes on so u'll smell nice all evening. NEVER rub your wrists together or onto your neck as this will change the composition and smell of the perfume and the result will be minging.... sorry im pretty anal but its true



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