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GIRLS! or guys. Please tell me what secret crush means.


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Ok, there's this girl at school. I have a crush on her and I think she might have a crush on me too. We have some classes together and it happens that sit in front of her (not right in front but a few desks in front and a few rows to the side) when I turn around to talk to my friends Iquickly glance at her and I see her looking at me almost every time. Once she was walking past me and turned aroung to look at the clock and she turned her head in my direction just so that she could quickly glance at me. Anyways the point is she looks at me alot and recently I've noticed that when we make eye contact I look away first (before she would always look away first but now she keeps looking at me even after I see her), when I look into her eyes she has that sweet look on her face.


Anyways I notice that she tries to look at me so that her friends don't see her looking. And I don't think she ever told anyone that she likes me. Could it be that I'm her secret crush? If so what does that mean? Will she ever tell anyone how she feels about me? What are my chances of getting into a relationship with her? Are there any positives of a secret crush???



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I think there is a definate chance that you are her secret crush!

She likes you oviously! thats a full blown yes answer lol..


Talk to her if you like her back. I am sure she has atold a close frienda bout you...Us girls like to express our feelings. So since she likes u and u like her. You should show her that you like her back by simply talking to her....

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I'm not a huge fan on the whole "secret crush" thing. Why keep your feelings a secret? I always wonder what would have happened if I just told a few guys (or anyone, for that matter) how I really felt about them. I would have been over it by now if they shot me down, or I could have made friends with a really cool person.


I wouldn't waste any time. You only live once. Take a chance and get to know her better. Tell her what you've been thinking and make it clear that you have interest. Who knows what will happen from there? Her crush may become a little less of a secret...

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You could possibly be her secret crush. I'm not a very big fan of this "secret crush" stuff any more. I used to do it a lot during elementary school..but that's far gone. Hahah


If you're confident enough to ask her straight to go hang out with you sometime or something, then go for it. You've got nothing to lose right? If you're still unsure...why don't you smile at her the next time you two meet eye-to-eye. If her face gleams up, there definitely is a possibility that she likes you. If she gives you a shy smile...you might want to reconsider. If she starts to slightly panic in a "Oh my gosh, what do I do?" way...There sure as hell is a chance.


Dont be scared! We need more upfront people in this world anyway. Especialy 16 yr old guys. 8)

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