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Just wondering/a question to the fellas

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If a girl gets really friendly with you (like in a flirting way), and then after you found out she has a man. And she just wants to be friends with you would you try and distance yourself and try not to be as friendly to her, or would you just be her friend for the hell of it even if you really don't want to.


I'm just intrested to know how many of yall would just be a friend anyway, My guess is many of yall would. But I won't assume and let yall speak on it.

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I'd be a friend. What else can you do? I don't think she's there just for you to barge in and replace her bf... And the distancin, well, maybe that isn't such a bad idea either....


Who said anything about barging in and replacing her boyfriend? I just said would you be her friend if you really didn't want to?


Why do you feel forced to be her friend?

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I don't like becoming friends with any girl who i know has a boyfriend / husband. I feel its cheating. Often I become friends with a girl, and only later find out she is already in a relationship. But i don't know...i would probably not pursue a friendship with somene who is already committed to someone.

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Drahcir that's exactly how I feel, there is no point in it.


They send you mixed signals for a month and they have a man at home that just pisses me off, and now that you are friends it's like it is too late to get rid of her.


That's another thing I hate about females, they just can't be honest this same chick has guys asking her out (even my friend) and she just won't say "I have a man already".


And then they always talking about men cheating when they are the exact same way.

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I would be her friend as long as she doesn't use my shoulder like a tissue.

If she was to complain insessantly (sp?) about how bad she is treated by her bf and attempts to use me as her emotional tampon to be tossed in the trash when usage is complete, then hell no. Otherwise yes (she may have cute friends

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