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would a girl......


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this did not happen to me.



if a boy goes up to a girl, talks 2 her, and asks "are you dating anyone"


would a girl possibly think this boy wants to ask her out and lie "yes i am dating someone" to keep him off of her?




would a girl lie to a boy about dating someone so the boy would leave her alone?

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Yep, girls do that man. I hate when a girl tells u that. To me, that's worse than just saying no.


I think that situation is common, but I feel girls should just tell you they're not interested compared to lying. If they're in ur school, u r going to see they don't really have a bf.

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i knew she was BSING, she didn't tell me this, this is awsome news to hear, i kinda felt it was bs, i dunno why, i just wanted to get it confirmed by a few more ppl...


this is great news.... i was talking 2 my friend today, and i told him that i liked my neighbor, he said... oh oh shes going out with that guy from....


i was like.....what? shes not dating anyone....she is WAY TOO flirty with me, and i know she wouldn't play ppl like that b/c i've known her for 8 years....


the guy didn't ask her out, he just asked if she was dating, and i think she didn't want him to put moves on her anymore so she just said yes, to push him away....


just to make sure, ima ask her...

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