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I REALLY LIKE HER! What should I do?!


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You guys probably get this story all the time but I need to say and ask!


I go to college, and I'm not going to lie, its full of pretty hot girls. So I get the college bus every morning and there is this one girl that is so pretty, not the 'major hot' type but my time if you get me... anyway I have never spoken to her before, im a bit shy, but what can I do? I really like here, help would be appreciated!

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Smile, and be confident. Say:


"Hey, what's up? You ride this bus too, huh? Das coo, me too. Pretty hard waking up for these early-morning classes huh?"


Then just let the charm slide ride on out of your head. Bingo, you've made a contact. See if you guys have some actual chemistry going, and get to know her better. If you feel that she is cold, back the heck off, but if not keep chatting her up on the bus every morning when it is convenient, then eventually ask for her number.


Boom, easy. Be a confident mutha.

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Thanks guys! I will start with the smile haha! I hope shes up for me though, I know I have never even spoken to her but yet I am crazy for her, shes not even like really hot, shes just really pretty! haha im so strange But thanks a lot for your help! Please keep posting/updating Thanks again!

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Pretty girl eh? Always nice to run accross one, even nicer when they smile at the sight of you. That should be your goal, how you get there is the challenge. I cannot tell you that other than this; be yourself, be confident, dress nice, easy on the Hi-Karate and carry gum at all times. Not bubble gum.


Say hi, don't be creepy and practice talking to other girls while you wait for your big break. Chances are, you'll forget her and find one of your practice sessions paying off. Enjoy the experience, I can't recall it but I do remember it being fun. Good luck.

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