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Hello everyone,

I have been struggling with my weight all my life, and recently came to realize that I do eat when stressed or emotional. I've tried rigorous exercising to help my stress level, but a month of bronchitis recently prevented me from continuing with the cardio, and the weight is coming back on b/c work is stressful!

Does anyone know of any good books, articles, or websites that help you make the connection with why you eat when stressed or emotional? I really want to kick this habit, and don't know where to start.

I recently read "Passing for Thin", about oevereaters anonymous, which made me realize that I'm not just addicted to cookies-- my brain needs to be switched on somehow.

Any leads would be much appreciated! thanks!

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I don't know of any books that are connected with stress and eating. I know some very good excersice books though!


I guess what you need to do is to try and substitute eating with something else when you are stressed. Maybe stop what you are doing and go for a walk maybe, or what about something like contact sports or even yoga.


If you feel that you cannot stop the eating, try and substitute with healthy fruits instead. After you have done it a few times it will get a lot easier.


Maybe this link below might be a starter?

link removed


Remember to loose weight eat more healthier (and less if you eat a lot) and try and increase your excercise routine.



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They always say the first step is admitting, and it is... but the trouble is finding out what to do afterwards.


Compulsive overeating is an eating disorder... and that it what you probably have.... exersizing may help aesthetically but the problem is mental rather than physical as you may assume. You should try and do some research and talk to your doctor about getting a referal to a group or clinic. Overeating is a pretty common problem but doesn't often get solved as some people make the assumption that if you were thinner you would be fine.... sure it helps but the problem is still there


Keep well



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