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***? why is he harrassing me?

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i broke up with him 3 weeks ago and ive not contacted him since but hes been trying to get through to me almost daily. ive always suspected that he searches my purse when im not around (hes also my co-worker) and now i believe that ive confirmed it.


i made a doctors appointment a couple of weeks ago. my doctors office always sends me a text to remind me of my upcoming appointments. so i got a text from my doctors office last friday and i replied to the text a couple of days ago to confirm the appointment. i always leav my phone in my purse and not on me when im at work because of the work policy re; no cell fone usage at work. my appt was today at 130 pm and my ex sent me a msg 12 hours after the appt saying "i am confirming your doctors appointment today thank you" i did not speak of any appt to anyone.


why is he doin this? this guy stalks me, looks through my windows in my apt. etc. i dont speak to him anymore. why wont he accept it and why is he harrassing me like this? why wont he stop it? why is he doin this?

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