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Feeling alone + the clingy guy


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So I found out my ex who broke up with me 4 months ago after 2 years is in a new relationship. I'm not even sure how I felt tbh maybe at first that horrible feeling in the gut but kind of relief as well like it is over you can move on. However, I've been feeling really lonely lately like I want someone in my life but not a relationship. There is this guy who isn't the best looking but doing a masters at uni and has a reasonable personality. The reason I say reasonable is because he can sometimes come accross as clingy. An example being he text me the other night talking about his ex and past relationships (we met up 4 times) and said to me 'surely you must have been with someone that was worth it at the time?' I wasn't comfortable with this conversation so I ignored it, he then text at 7am the next morning to say 'what a horrible subject to talk about, what late night beers do to me!!' I didn't reply for a few hours then just said I don't dwell on the past he said fair enough and we text normally again. Another thing I've noticed though is that he will send big long massive paragraphs to my sentence texts, and sometimes I can't be bothered with it. He sent one last night I didn't reply so at 12.30am I get a text saying 'btw meant to ask what are you upto this weekend??' I've not replied to that because I know it sounds ridiculous because we've only met up 4 times but I feel suffocated by him, as though he thinks we are already in a relationship though we haven't kissed the last two times we went out ( there was a space of over a month between the first two times and the last)


Apart from all this he is a nice guy who I enjoy spending time with. But does anyone else think his behaviour is quite clingy and that is why I'm getting turned off? He told me after our second date his head hurt because he liked me so much...so that is why I distanced myself for a while, but even now in texts I think he comes accross as a clingy guy. Fair enough texting every couple of days to see how I am but texting every hour then double texting if i don't reply? We aren't in a relationship and I've told him I don't want one to which he replied 'I'm the same just looking for someone to chill with'


Do you think I should say how I feel to him about feeling suffocated?

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If he's having this effect on you and you're not even dating I wouldn't see the point in continuing with him. It's only going to annoy you. Unless you prefer it to being lonely I guess. But I would find that depressing, being with someone who annoyed me just because of loneliness. I don't actually know which would be worse!

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I honesty think i might be depressed. I am not that interested in this guy, little things he does annoys me and we aren't even dating. It annoys me he won't take initiation to kiss/cuddle but expects me to text him all the time. It annoys me he cracks his fingers. It annoys me he thinks I'm totally into him. It annoys me he talks about his ex. It annoys me that I think I'm better than him. It annoys me he isn't an alpha male and apologises for doing nothing wrong and I don't ask him to apologise then says it is a force of habit from his ex, it annoys me he puts up loser fb statuses saying how bored he is and asks the whole of fb if they want to do something. But when we just talk it is nice and I don't feel so


how depressing.

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