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He's obsessed with his ex!!! He has no time for me. Help!!!!

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ok i posted not long ago about me liking a mate of mine and thanks for all your advice but i was talking to him a couple of days ago and now it seems as though he is still obsessed by his ex and he cant let her go.

so wot do i do do i play the friend i will be here for you card or do i play the ok fair enough one?


Catie xxx

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Ok...I"m new so I missed your previous post on this. But if you're thinking of him in a romantic way...I wouldn't put up with it. Also if you're going from the friendship end...I wouldn't put up with it also. Having said that I wouldn't want you to break up a great friendship. If it's a recent break up fair enough and listen for a while, but if it's been a while it's time he found out that life and love move on, in my opinion. This doesn't mean that you be blunt...try and bring up some of the bad things she did and how he's better without her maybe. Then again, it depends how far your breaking point is. Don't be the agony aunt for life though.


Good luck!



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