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dead now.


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blonde hair

blue eyes

they all wonder


she gives herself away

again and again

and black

is all she'll ever wear

she walks by

and she reeks of sin

they all tell her

change yourself


there is a god

she'll just keep walking

head down

struggling to breathe

she looks to each one of you

for everything

yet nothing

so many scars

on her right arm

they're all old-

you see

she has no strength left

to lift that blade

to try to change

she just walks along

in her sin

in her black clothes

and she finds the strength to breathe




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beautiful gurl..


but i somehow dislike your nickname.., EmptySoul , its ugly to have an empty soul , what else is left more than an empty soul to be empty..


its the worse of everything, i've seen ppl with empty soul, which i feel so sorry for them , i hope u arent one of these ppl, and i hope it's just a nickname, where its full meaning does apply to the inner and outer u ..

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