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Why do I have trouble with this?


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man, alot of guys are like this including me, so this is what i did, payed really good attention to how i acted around all the other girls, when it was time to talk to the girl I liked, I started up the exact same way, just do it liek this, act liek she is a good friend and you have known her for a bit and can talk to her, talk to her liek a guy friend, (but not the same stuff lol) and make things funny and interesting.

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I used to have this problem, I'm pretty sure it is relatively common. Every guy thinks that people are normal human beings, except for the one he likes. The girl he likes is of course, Wonder Woman, Goddess of X-ray vision and embarrassment. The only way to overcome this is to realize that she too is human, and if she likes you back, is probably just as nervous as you are. I'd advise you to overcome your fear, seeing as there is nothing to be gained from it. Good luck.

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I do the same thing. I find it very hard to talk to a woman I'm attracted to too. It's like I'll put a woman I'm attracted to up on a pedestal, out of my reach. I tend to think that any woman I'm interested in (or pretty much any woman) is way out of my league. I look at her, then I look at me and I think, "there is no chance in hell that she'd be interested in me. She deserves much better." I know that it's all in my head. It's my extremely low self-esteem. I feel as if I'm not worthy of the attention of any woman. So yeah, it's definitely just in your head, man. I have been and still am struggling with this problem and it makes me always want to shy away from women that I'm interested in. But I think I've been making progress, well, slow progress, in overcoming it. I think the advice that you try to view the girl you are attracted to as "just a good friend" is good. Try to relax and as Eh? Im Canadian said, she is only human too. I know that I'll need a lot more practice before I have this problem licked. It's a long road ahead. lol

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