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What does you need to be meaner mean?

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Here goes I've been seeing this girl for about three weeks now, she is great. The deal is that we were talking on the phone yesterday and we were talking about how I neglect her when we sleep because I don't hold her, anyways we started talking about something else and she said that I need to be meaner and then she talked about something else. I know that this girl has been in relationships where she isn't appreciated because she told me. I think that its her way of telling me that I need to be a little more direct with her and that is it. I don't know if anyone knows about a situation like this. Thanks

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Plainly? It is "girl-ese" for her telling you to act like a man (you may already be doing that). She wants to by moderately stymied, confused and offer her game based on how you act. She wants you to be hot and cold and bandy her about like so much fluff, and then she wants you to be sweet and romantic.


This is one of the rare ones who will tell you what she wants. Mix it up a little, be mean, co(ky, joke with her/at her (but classy), don't give in to her BS tests (call her on it -- don't take her options), but be periodically loving to her.


Keep her guessing and impressed that you are a man. She'll love you for it.

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Im going to be direct here NEVER change for a girl. That should never be your reason for wanting to change something about yourself. If you feel that you need to change then thats a personal decision. Personally i wouldnt do anything, since you two are already together, with certain females they seem to want to change guy into what they think he should be. However this isnt apporpriate behavior if she doesnt like you for who you are then tough. I wouldnt pay too much attention to her telling her that you arent mean enough. If she tells you that you dont hold her enough in bed, thats something u shouldnt have to do, if u want to do it then do it, if u dont then dont. Remember to be urself and she should respect you for that.

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