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Ex texted me his new number

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"Hello. This is [ex's name]. This my new number. The old one is no more......"



We've been NC for almost 4 months... This is the third time in the last month he has indirectly contacted me. The other two times were:


1) My ex's best friend sent me a text in January asking if I was out in town and was being a bit nosey.

2) I reactivated my Facebook a couple of weeks ago. My ex sent me an event invite on there along with just 15 other people. (I deleted him after this).


Whenever something like this happens I can't help analyse everything like crazy which sucks. I just want to move on but I can't when I keep getting reminded of him. I'm hoping this is the end now and that he has run out of things to try to get my attention with.


Is/has anyone else had problems like this with their ex? How do you deal with it?

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"Hello. This is [ex's name]. This my new number. The old one is no more......"



Is/has anyone else had problems like this with their ex? How do you deal with it?


How nice. Now you have a new number to block. Look up how to block texts and program your phone not to accept texts from him.


The problem is that he is fishing around with no clear agenda. Fill in the fishing holes.


You will feel better blocking him on Facebook as well as deleting him. When I did it was a huge relief.


You can always unblock later but do what is best for you now.

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I think you are correct to view it as a fishing expedition, why ? because they can or .. it could be he has sent that out to everybody in his phone book... possible but given the other incidents not likely.


I have had ex's , both dumpees and dumpers do this sort of thing in the past and it can bother you , in this day and age changing your phone number is pretty cheap and cost benefits of peace of mind outweigh that imho.


A lot of us ( have been guilty of this in the distant past) will leave an avenue open for our dumpers to be able to reach out to us, whether it's by leaving them unblocked on FB , not changing our emails and phone numbers etc. It is of course very hard to stop somebody contacting you if they are persistent enough. What we should do is make it harder for them if we are sincerely trying to move on and leave them behind.



Saying it and doing it are of course wildly different. It sure beats having to keep asking ourselves why...


Why don't we do our utmost to ensure they can't contact us easilly ? Purely because we are not ready , when the time comes when you are then it's an easy job.


Keep ignoring until they get bored unless of course they want another chance with you , just don't hold your breath waiting. Limbo will become your reality ( sorry Inception fans )

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...good point, Markie6...if his intentions are selfish, he'll soon get the message you have no room for his games if you continue NC.


NC can be an awesome thing for those of us who put our hearts out there and bent over (way over) backwards for someone we finally realized was a 'taker'.


I always used to imagine 'if the roles were reversed, what would i do' scenarios...and I always knew I would bust my butt and do anything to save the relationship. I guess it was just hard for me to finally realize I was the only one trying...and to found it hard let go because of the time I had invested.


Don't waste anymore time Forevergirl...he's not ready to make you his priority and you don't have time to be one of his options.


Be strong...true love is just beyond the next hill and you're moving in the right direction.

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