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Losing my job

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Hello. I'm a 25 year old woman. I was in the Army for two years and due to my mental state, I had to find my own way out. Since then, I have been continuously struggling with part time jobs that barely make my bills. I got a decent opportunity that has been taken from me before I could even figure out another option. My entire life has been nothing but a struggle. I finally am ready to end it all. I just need to know the easiest way, as I am obviously a coward and that has been defeating me all along.

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One day at time my friend. As a fellow Vet, my advice is to scoot over to your nearest VA representative. Interrupt their FACEBOOK time and let them help you. If not, go find another one and report the first one.


As for the 'ending it all' I can't help you but there are some free phone numbers to call. Maybe they can help you.

I don't think you are coward, some may say so but you came here, asked for help, and that's mighty brave.


Good luck.

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It seems like you're like many others in their 20's really. Although things can seem like something you can't ever change, you actually have more control than you think. The best jobs (when I say best, I mean most fulfilling, not pay) seem to be ones that are related to something you're good at or that you enjoy doing as a hobby. Whatever mental state you may be in, imagine someone who has lost all limbs in war or is permanently in a wheelchair. Do they seem hopeless? I would argue they have more and higher spirits than most people who aren't faced with their challenges. What makes your situation more hopeless than someone else? The answer is nothing. Everything you do is a choice and there are people who love you and who want to see you succeed. How deep can you dig and steer in a better direction?

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Dont ever mistake being emotional or vulberable for being a coward. Yes, it is a harsh mean world out there, but also the world can be what we make of it. first of all you should do what the above post said and visit your local VA hospital. You should be entitled to some benifits and you NEED to take advanatage of it. Secondly try to get on umemployment. Im sure if you got let go or fired you are eligible. Being in the army is a very honorable thing, you automatically have an upper hand on other job seekers because you have military experience!! I know that for a fact, companies get taxed breaks for hiring veterans!!! You need to get back on the horse and apply to everything you can and always mention your military experience. Do you have friends who you can talk/support you? If not than Im sorry to say you have to make an active effort to try to find some. Im sure you have people you can talk to who you were in the military with. I know its not easy especially when you feel so hopeless (ive been there and still am sometimes) but life can get better. The thing that sucks about this is it might take a while. Theres so many people in the world who have way less then you. There are people in china who probably have chronic deseases and live in a remote village where theres not electricity. Im not saying to focus on how bad everyones doing but you have to count your blessings. I think sometimes we feel more pain when we have had something that made us happy in the past that we now dont have. But imagine how it would be if you never had that super high? Then you would never know how great life can get and that goes for the opposite situation to. Youll never know how bad life can get until its gets worse.


Please, focus on getting mental help, then start working on each other problem one step at a time. What really helps me is taking long walks through the wilderness. Read a biography of somoeone who has struggled with life as well. My struggle comes from a bad break-up and when I thought that that was the sole reason I was depressed, I learned that there's people on here that struggle with the same thing and are in relationships. There's people who are empolyed and want to end there lives too! So please you should continue to post on here what your feeling are, it will help!!

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