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After 5+ years i finally Did It.

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I dated a girl in H.S. Since then, we have both moved away from out home town, now we both live close though, weird how things work out. Last night we went back to my old house to get some things.


We got to my old house, empty, it was kinda weird. we started talking about how she hadn't been in it since jr year of H.S. We went up to my old room and hung out for a bit. It was weird, being empty and all. We were going to move some stuff but I decided we needed to eat first. So we went out to a new restauraunt they just opened up in our town. Its a really nice/classy/expensive place up on a hill. We both went all out, ordering everything we wanted. We got a bottle of some damn expensive wine. It was good.


During our conversation new years eve came up..then we started talking about new years eve 1999 when we spent it together. she told me how she was expecting me to kiss her then but i never did.


When we left, it was snowing outside..lightly. romantic though. i held her in my arms. we went back to the house. we sat down on the love seat (the only piece of furniture left in this house) i started giving her a massage. she said it was "better then sex." i kinda half seriously, half jokingly blew in her ear softly. she liked it. started sucking on it, she really liked that. Then, i just did it...finally...i just kissed her. we kissed for a half hour at least. Ive waited so long to kiss her and it was everything I thought it would be.


shes confused now i think. she was worried that i would think we were a couple now. i told of course not, just cause we kissed doesnt make us a couple. i could tell her mind was racing, she didnt know what she was doing. i told her to stop...not to think...think later...and she did.


Now my question is where do i go from here? Do i let her call me do i call her? She was confused, saying "well, before you were my friend nick...now, i dunno what im thinking..." Neither one of us, as far as i can tell is looking to jump into a serious relationship, but i do like her and im hoping she likes me.

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Wow sounds like an awesome night. I'm glad you overcame your fear and finally kissed her.


I think you should wait a day or so and then call her, you really don't have to say much just ask her how her day is going. Take it slowly and have fun together.


I'm sooo jealous...but in a very good way



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