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Hair sucks: Any opinions

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Ok heres something thats been really bothering me lately. First of all I've always been morbidly modest/ashamed of my body. But in the last year and a half or so two things have happened. One I know have hair on my back and shoulders (which causes me great greif) and to make it worse, my hairline has receded a little bit, and the hair on top of my head has thinned some, though few people notice it, and I'm sure the problem is way bigger in my head than in reality. I was just curious about womans opinions on this whole hair thing.


P.S. I've always had long hair and even worse dandruff. About two months ago (September) I finally found a shampoo/conditioner that successfully combats the dandruff (to the point that I have none at all, the combo is L'Oreal for men thickening anti-dandruff shapoo, and Head and shoulders conditioner). Since the dandruff has stopped I have noticed a lot of new hairs growing in on my forhead and on the sides of my head near my ears. Is it possible that dandruff caused the thinning hair, and if so does that mean I'll get some of my thickness back?

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God has a good laugh with men. He takes away the hair u want e.g. your head, and puts it were u don't want it e.g. back, nose, ears


If your hair is thinning, then its best to cut your hair short. Keeping it long will emphasize the thinning. So either get it short and spikey or shave it to a short length.


U could try like sister suggested, using a regrowth shampoo and see if that helps.


As for back hair...hhhmmm tricky. My lower back has a small tuffed of hair and it annoys me a bit, but I got use to it, and girls don't complain. However i do try to get my lil bro to trim it down every 3-4 months or so. I would suggest the same if its on your lower back. If its your upper back u will have to make a choice of either putting up with it or perhaps waxing it . I don't really know what to suggest cause i don't have anymore than the odd hair grow on the top of my back and i should take it off with a razor.

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I had long hair for about 20 years...I started to recede becaus of the pulling my hair back into a pony-tail for the last few years. I decided I would rather have short hair then no hair and cut my hair back in the beginning of July.


As far as growing hair back, there is only one shampoo that is FDA approved for growing hair back...it is called Nizoral...which also happens to be for dandruff too.



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Hi there,

I can tell you from personal experience that Hair is not one of the first things I notice about a man. I've dated at least two guys who were losing their hair and just decided to shave it off---no problem it was not a big deal. To me there are other qualities I'm looking for.


My friend's fiance had lots of hair on his back and shoulders so she would Nair it off. I don't know how much trouble you would be willing to go through for this.


What one woman dislikes, another might find sexy .

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