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Feeling Blah


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I am bored of life and the monotony of life.


People say find your "passion", but how many people can make a career from their passion honestly. And even if you are passionate about your career it still can feel mundane when you are doing the same thing everyday just to pay the bills. I do enjoy my job, but it is just tiring and most of the time I feel like I am not making a difference.


It seems like I just live for the holidays, which are great because I have the opportunity to travel and I have more holidays than most jobs. I do really enjoy travelling, but I usually travel alone and do most things alone which is well, lonely at times.


I don't know I just feel indifferent most of the time and feel like whats the point like I'm going through the motions. How do I enjoy life more, it feels like I am just waiting for time to pass.

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Hobbies!! They are a good way to spend those times when you feel like you are just waiting.


Do what you enjoy between work and vacations. We all tend to feel this way at some point in life...you just have to do the little things in between to help you keep your head up.


Join some groups at your local YMCA or similar place. Play games, build models, fly kites...it all depends on where you are and what interests are popular in your area. Take up photography or do something that you enjoy so those down times are more positive.

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Well you don't have to make your passion your career if it would mean being unable to maintain a decent standard of living. You could enjoy your passion part time or as a volunteer. Sure that may sound like more work initially, but you may find that isn't the case. Also that could lead to a full time opportunity down the line that would allow you to live comfortably.


When I discovered my passion a few years ago I knew right away I couldn't do much without an advanced degree and that would be a lengthy process. So I'm still doing the job I don't love, but trying to be grateful for the fact that it allows me to keep my bills paid, eat, and work on my advanced degree. I've also added a few volunteer projects that give me a taste of my passion that for me will one day be my career. So between school and volunteer projects I find all of the happiness I gain from those is more than enough to spill over into my day job. That gets me through the day with a smile on my face even when my boss or colleagues are driving me crazy.


I also find that trying new things keeps me from feeling blah. It could be a little thing like a new food, a new route home, getting groceries in a different neighborhood, a new movie genre, etc. When you shake up your routine you tell the universe that you are open to change and you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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I appreciate your comments.

But I don't know, I think "passion" is just a buzz word over glorified in our generation. Like everyone has a passion, what if you honestly don't have one, so you are made to feel inadequate for not being passionate about something. I mean I enjoy doing things and have some goals I want to achieve, but I don't know if I am passionate about them.


Yes I am planning on trying some new things - some new hobbies and volunteer work.

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I know how you feel.

I'm interested in EVERYTHING, but I don't have one thing that I'm passionate about.

Computers, Robotics, Engineering, Art, Astronomy, most of the branches of Physics, Psychology, History, Politics, Literature, Music, Film, Geology, Photography... There's no end to the list of things that I know a little bit about.

I flit from one thing to another, gathering a low-level of knowledge/skill, but never enough to actually talk about.

It just makes me feel inadequate whenever I talk to anybody who is into a particular thing, because they all make me feel like I know nothing.

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Yeah I think a lot of the blah feeling too is that I need to develop more meaningful realtionships, I push people away a lot. In some ways I want more close relationships and then other times I think it is easier not to and I don't mind being alone, it is such a contradiction.


Yeah I think I have to develop some meaning in the things I do. Maybe it's not one elusive all encompasing purpose but it is just a lot of little things that contribute to make life more meaningful.

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