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torn between the two

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ok - so jon left sept 1 2003 to go back to the miltary after his 2 week vacation. in which during that time we hit it off so great n i assured him and myself even if i was ina relationship when i got home id end it n get with him. well, hes home.

and im in a relationship. for almost a year. he finally told me he loves me too.

and i dont want to hurt him. i dont want to hurt jon. i dont want to end up hurting myself.

me and mario have a good time but he and i dont enjoy all the same activities. me and jon enjoy the same type of things and have fun (well had fun them 2 weeks i knew him and we hung out)

im so torn, i think i really love mario but i know i had so much fun with jon.

jons parents can accept me for me and what ive done. marios mom flipped and would never accept even when i haveta tell her what

truth is.

the truth is i was married b4 and have a kid. i know jon would better get along with jerey(my son) because mario is kinda weirded out by the whole thing.

i dont know what to do.

i need advice please!

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Well... I haven't been a military girlfriend as long as you have, but if I learned anything over the last 6 months it's... military LDR is impossible of you don't know what you want. There's so much emotional stress and uncertainties, and not married to these people basically means we don't exist as far as the military's concerned.


If you think you love jon, please at least be truthful to him and don't cheat on him. They're under enough stress... especially the ones that are off in middle east.


If you love mario, go with mario.


I'd think... if you want a future with someone, Jon seems to be a better decision. However, you shouldn't be with someone you don't love and isn't committed to if you're looking for a long term relationship.



P.S. Do you like Mario better because he's around and not off in the military? If that's the case, that doesn't seem very fair to Jon.

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no no jon just came home - he is here for good now. jon is here and mario is here. and im dating mario but i want to hang out wth jon and i dont want to hurt anyone but i want to be happy and i dont know were that lies... be true to myself? my heart tells me deep down jon is the one but mario is sucha good guy i dont want to hurt him n i want to take care of him but.... ooo

i dont know.

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Well, when it comes down to it, you can only choose one person, take care of one person, and you have to turn the other down or you'll be hurting all three of you right?


... make a decision asap and minimize the trauma on the other person?

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