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She is still on my mind what do I do?

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This girl I dated over the summer was also dating some1 else at the time I know bad idea. Well she decieded she would go for the other guy and not me. Well he cheated on her she doesnt believe it. But I talked to her last tuesday and she asked why I was mad at her I told her why. Well she said she is sorry for hurting my feelings and every thing. She 18 yrs old still in HS shes a senior.


Well we was talking and every thing and she asked me something I said F ya and she comes back saying you want to. Well I asked her what is she talking about. She replies back saying I said F U which I did not. Well I didnt answer her.She either was joking or flirting with me I dont know what to think. Do you think she is just playing with my mind or still has feelings for me? She said she didnt want it as bad as she did but we did alot of talking over the summer. Maybe I was just her toy to give her attation or something but for some reason its bothering me. I dont contact her she contacts me. I cant even remember when the last time was that I called on or texted her to ask what she was doing. Should I just keep that up and forget about her thats what all my friends tell me?

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totally man...it seems like shes nto the best catch..n its hard to give up once you feel you have a bond with someone ..but sometimes its for the best and others you can work out ...you just have to watch your own back in those cases where your not sure ..cuz its not worth getting hurt over

good luck..hope i was some help

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