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DEAR EX - a letter you can write to your ex to help you heal

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This helped me get some perspective on the demise of my relationship and it can help you too.


Write this letter to your EX but do not send it. Write it as part of your healing process.


Dear Ex,


1. I am saying goodbye because (or our relationship ended because or I am letting you go because)...


2. I learned from you the following things (or our relationship or break-up taught me)...


3. Thank you for...



Mine are as follows:


1. Our relationship ended because you were playing games. Because you hurt me. Because you gave me mixed signals. Because you screwed with my head. Because you were not genuine nor true.


2. I learned from my short time with you that I want to be with someone who will care for me and respect me the way I do for him. I learned from you that I should never let a man treat me the way you treated me.


3. Thank you for showing me your true colours early on in our relationship.



This tip is from a website (link is below) I came accross a little while ago when I broke up with my recent ex. I felt as if someone had gutted my heart out and stomped on it. I was a complete mess. So I googled and fund you guys at ENA and I also found this website with tips on what you can do to help you heal.


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Great advice.


I worked at a radio station just after I graduated college and one of the hosts was a well-known psychologist. He often gave this same advice (Write them a letter, but don't send it) to callers suffering from this and a wide-range of issues. I've tried this and it works.


One thing though, how do you heal when NC is not possible? For example, I work everyday with a woman I dated and even though we parted amicably and maintain a friendly and professional relationship, just being around her every day reminds me of why I fell for her in the first place. She's moved on and is dating someone else. I know I have to too, but it's just been very hard.

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