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Well, my boyfriend says that he has loved me for as long as he knew me... Which is weird considering as acquaintances we were a bit distant from eachother until we were formally introduced and began dating. (We both thought we hated eachother). As for me, it took a while to fall in love with him. I knew he was a really awesome guy, but I didn't feel any strong feelings right away. I have problems opening up to people, so that caused some friction. But when I did eventually open up, everything was fine and I fell very, very in love.

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I knew that I actually 'loved' my boyfriend after we had been seeing each other for about 2-3 months. I said it first, and at first he didn't respond, so I changed the subject. 5 minutes later he said, "so you really love me? I love you too, and have for a while now". Wasn't the perfect way to verbalize it, but it worked!

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Its not how long before you know your in love its the feeling you get when you fall in love, it is different you will know if that person is right for you! My husband now and I knew we where meant for eachother in the first hour of meeting it was the chemestry connection between us!! we have been together 8 years so far and are still Very Happy!!! Goodluck with that though

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I think people use the word love too loosely. I have said it thought I meant it, but after the relationship is over, I think back and I never really loved anyone. When your in the relationship and in the moment it is easy to say you love someone when you have feeligns.


Honestly I don't know if I even know what love is or what qualifies as love. I figure if I can live without them, then it proably was not love.



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That's a morbid way of thinking about love though. We can live without everyone on some levels.


My boyfriend said he loves me 10 months into the relationship I think. We always avoided it because he wants to wait until he means it and I don't believe in love. Well, I don't believe I'll love anyone and I don't believe that's a concept I understand.


I asked around about what love is too. The worst answer I got was probably, "If you're wondering, you don't love him." That was harsh, but probably has some truth to it.


At the end, I decided that I won't care if I love him or not. I know if he's not around I'll miss him terribly, and that's probably enough for me right now. If he feels like he has to pound the idea that he loves me into me, fine, I'll repay him with the same affection and kindness he showed me.

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