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I just need a quick vent


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I'm 10 weeks pregnant today and unfortunately for me, it's my fist day of a new job


I have managed to get to lunch time without too much bother, but have had bad diarrhoea for the last 24 hours and feel quite queasy.


I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself and quite anxious. I need to get through the next 2 weeks without my new workplace thinking I'm a loony. I wish I wasn't in this situation right now and I'm praying I don't get any worse and have to take any days off. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything my new boss is teaching me because all my energy and focus is going into talking myself out of running off the the bathroom to be sick.


I know there is no magic cure besides time, but it's hard work at the moment and just wanted to get this off my chest. Thank You.

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