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Genital Warts/HPV in men? Do i have it?!!


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So basically I found a couple of small growths on my groin area. It's not on my actual penis at all, just on my pelvis above. I found the first one back in the Summer of last year but just thought it was a mole, now I have what looks like 2 more in a separate area from the first. After doing some reading its looking like possible genital warts or skin tags. When I was in my teens years ago I use to get this same wart looking thing on my nose and had it removed 3 separate time by a doc but they never diagnosed it. Any advice from someone with similar experience? I already scheduled another Dr. visit. It's just got me concerned since its around my man parts! Lol

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it really could be anything. you need to see a doctor and have them look at it.


if you want, I have heard of online services where you can take a photo of your growth and a dermatologist will look at it - for a fee. i don't know the names of any of those apps or websites though.

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Why don't you look up pictures of herpes... It's never just "one or two..." It's like... A crap ton of angry, tiny, sometimes puss filled tingly sores. Go to your doc.
Herpes and HPV/Genital Warts are very different. HPV is a virus that pretty much anyone can contract from skin to skin contact doesn't even have to be sexual contact. Even the warts people get on there hands and feet are considered a type of HPV. Genital warts are just like hand warts but in the crotch or butt region.
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