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How do i get a girl to notice?

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well it pretty simple... im not that good looking, but i like this girl, how do i get her to notice me... or what do i do...? (apart from the just going up and asking her)... i mean is there stuff girls are attracted to?


Does she know you exist? Does she ever look at you? If she glances at you then smile at her. Then she'll notice she got your attention. If she continues to look at you, then say "Hi".

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Walk around naked for a day. Everyone notices when someone is naked.


Haha, just kidding. I dunno. Try to make eye contact with her, hold it, talk to her... And just remember that, contrary to popular belif, girls dont care if you've got a big dick or not.

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Smile at her. Make eye contact. Keep it brief and simple, say "Hello" when you're passing her through the hallway. If you know her friend, tell her friend that you think that she's cute. Eventually, she'll get the news. If she feels the same way about you, she will reciprocate back, either by smiling, and giving you a good response. When you do notice her walking in the hallway, walk her to class. When you do, open her door. Girls love a guy who's a gentleman (at least I do. I can't understand why some women get offended if a guy opens her door. If she does, then she needs to relax). Then afterwards, say "See ya," and smile. That is the most subtle way of flirting. Just to give you a tip on high school flirting 101! It's subtle enough, where it doesn't look desperate, but mature and courteous! Good lucK to you!

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